Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Didn't survive - Meetings and Theater

This blog's tagline is "Thoughts from the shower that survive to the keyboard."  What this means though, is that inevitably some great (okay, that's being generous) ideas probably won't quite make it to the keyboard.

This will become a recurring theme as I try to process half-lost ideas.

Leaving work today I had this sudden realization about how preparing for a meeting was exactly like running the sound board for my high school's theater.  I was thinking about how I had to get in early enough tomorrow to be ready for any of those last minute pre-meeting meetings or to get something setup or run some last data and it felt exactly like the rush of activity leading up to the curtain.  Except, they're not at all alike.  A stoplight or a gust of wind or a loud car grabbed my attention, and the next thing I knew my mind was off wandering, thinking about how the booth's CD player broke my senior year and trying to remember if I ever got reimbursed for it's replacement.  I've got no idea.

So nope, no idea exactly why preparing for a meeting is like running a theater's sound board, but somewhere in my mind they're related.

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