Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bagels can do no wrong

Nobody can make a bad decision while eating a bagel.  When you eat a bagel, life just isn't as complicated.  When you go to a bagel shop, you relax and unwind.  You can calmly think and come to good decisions.

Has anyone ever gone to get a bagel on a bad day and come out more upset?  No.
Has anyone ever plotted a kidnapping while choosing a smear?  No.
Has anyone ever gone online while eating an everything bagel with chive cream cheese to buy assault rifles, shotguns, and a thousand rounds of ammo?  I think not.

I'll be heading to get a bagel soon.  Hope to see you there.

1 comment:

  1. Bagel Bin? We were there about 0800 this morning! Had Sue's latest pumpkin spread. What'd you have?

    That said, you bring up an interesting point. Jackie just found out a former co-worker of hers was convicted of a rather serious crime. I even met the guy once. Of course, he seemed like a normal dude. So, what are these people doing when they think about their misdeeds? What was he eating when decided to go through with it?

    I'm willing to bet that, yes, criminals too, eat bagels and do all sorts of normal things such as shop for clothes. What do you think - they only eat Angry Whoppers from Burger King? (best I could come up with).