Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New programming font

Earlier I was reading Dan Benjamin’s post of the Top 10 Programming Fonts. I’m not exactly a fontiphile* so it doesn’t bother me the article is from 2009.

For most of my programming life, I’ve just used whatever my editor’s default font is.  Sometimes that’s Consolas, other times it’s Courier New or Lucida Console.  But for being what I spend the bulk of my day looking at, maybe it’s worth a little bit of thought.

I have to commend Dan’s selection and order.  Though I couldn’t exactly describe what was different about each font, I liked each one better than the previous.  Never did I say, “Eh, not feeling this one.”  I decided to start using his first choice: Inconsolata.  Actually, I’m using a modified version by David at called Inconsolata-dz that has straight single- and double-quotes instead of angled.

So far, I’m enjoying it.  Easier to read at the same size and no complaints yet.

* Disclosure: I once was stuck in a car on a five hour trip with two journalism students that were copy-editors at the student paper.  They spent an hour discussing their favorite Serif fonts.  Then an hour discussing their favorite Sans Serif fonts.  Then discussing their preferred kerning styles.  I was weighing the pros and cons of killing them both – they just barely made it out alive.

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